Paul Oliver

Conversation with the Blues

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Santrauka: First published in 1965 by Cassell and Co, this classic and unique text in blues history, Conversation with the Blues has now been re-issued in a new, larger format. The book takes a slice across blues traditions of all kinds, which were still thriving side by side in 1960. Compiled from transcriptions of interviews with blues singers made by Paul Oliver in 1960, the book tells in the singers' own words of the significance of their music and the turbulent lives it reflects. It is accompanied by a fascinating CD, slipcased on the inside back cover of the book, which captures the stark, ironic but moving narratives of the singers themselves. Included are guitarists, pianists and other instrumentalists from the rural South and the urban North, from famous blues singers who recorded extensively to singers known only to their local communities. Copiously illustrated with Paul Oliver's photographs, the book provides a rare glimpse of African American music at a time when the South was still segregated.