Douglas Charing


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Santrauka: DK Eyewitness Books: Judaism charts the spread of the Jewish people, from the time of the Hebrews in the Middle East to Jewish communities around the world today. Uncover the key events in the history of Judaism, where and how Jewish people worship, the day-to-day customs and festivals they follow, and the major contributions made by Jewish figures in the fields of science, medicine, and the arts. Discover how Judaism began with the story of the first patriarchs—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Learn about the the sacred books of the faith including the Torah, and find out how Kosher laws affect everyday life. Available for the first time in paperback and featuring more than 180 images and illustrations,DK Eyewitness Books: Judaism helps bring one of the world's oldest religions to life. Each revised Eyewitness book retains the stunning artwork and photography from the groundbreaking original series, but the text has been reduced and reworked to speak more clearly to younger readers. Still on every colorful page: vibrant annotated photographs and the integrated text-and-pictures approach that makes Eyewitness a perennial favorite of parents, teachers, and school-age kids.